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Registration Procedure


To register for classes, students will need the following materials and information:

  • UoNA Registration Form - PLEASE PRINT and Fill Out and Don't Forget the Appropriate Dean Signatures
  • Course information from the Schedule of Course Offerings for the current semester.
  • Other departmental information applicable to your curriculum, available from your advisor.

Students are expected to do the following in the advising and registration process:

  • Meet with your advisor, who will provide the following:
    - Degree Audit
    - Guidance in course selection
    - Signature of Approval
  • Completely fill out the Registration Form with the selected courses and section numbers, as well as the other pertinent information, i.e. name, address, UoNA email, etc.
  • Carefully review the Registration Form for proper start date, meeting time/day information, and section number. (Please note: It is the student's responsibility to make certain that this information is correct in order to be properly registered for a particular course. Unless a student is properly registered for a course, no credit will be awarded under any circumstances.)
  • Obtain the signature of the Advisor on the Registration Form for approval of course selection. (Please note: All registrations must be approved by an Advisor in the student's academic department before submission to the Registrar's Office).
  • Make payment online or make payment to the Business Office and obtain signature from the Business Office for Proof of Payment.
  • The Business Office will forward the completed Registration Form to the Registrar's Office for entry into the University Student Information System.

Office of the Registrar

Within the University, the Office of the Registrar provides guidance, leadership and support to Deans, faculty, administrators, students and the Office of Student Affairs. University policies regarding student records, registration and enrollment are set by the Office of the Registrar with the collaboration of other offices and programs within the University.

This office also collaborates with other universities and school offices with regard to student administrative affairs. It also serves as the liaison to the office of International Student Affairs for verification of information needed for U.S. government agencies for compliance with the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and other immigration matters.


The Office of the Registrar is accountable for the security, integrity, and accuracy of academic records and the coordination and implementation of federal, state and institutional policies as they relate to student records for reporting purposes.

In providing service and information to various constituencies, the Office of the Registrar at The University of North America is guided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). FERPA provides many rights and protections to students of universities and colleges within the U.S. The University of North America complies with the privacy rights of its students under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Further information can be obtained from the United Stated code Title 20, Section 1232g FERPA.

Enrollment and Degree Verification

Enrollment and degree verifications for students of The University of North America are handled by the Office of the Registrar. Requests for such verifications must be submitted to the school via fax or email for processing. Other institutions of higher education, employers, lenders, and others in need of student enrollment and degree information must also submit a signed student release form with all verification requests.

Student Request for Services

Any request for services, i.e. letters, transcripts, grade reports, registration, etc., must be requested through the university forms. All forms can be downloaded from the university’s website at Once the request is received, all requests will be granted in a timely manner according to the time frame indicated on the form.

Certificates, Diplomas, Commencement

The Office of the Registrar is also responsible for the distribution of all Certificates and Diplomas. The coordination of Commencement is also handled by the Office of the Registrar. All information pertaining to the commencement activities will be generated through this office.