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ABOUT UoNA Graduates

Sheikh Uddin, MSIT Graduate

It has been an awesome journey with UoNA. I am really glad that I have chosen UoNA for my Master's degree in Information Technology.

I am an IT consultant and work with database and coding in my day to day work. What I learned at UoNA helped me accomplish my work properly. Now I know more about my job and I am more confident than ever. UoNA's curriculum and education are great for any student who is planning on starting his/her IT career or someone like me who is already working in the IT sector.

The professors and staff are very friendly and they assisted me all the time with their best. They turned my whole journey at UoNA to a wonderful memory. Professors always encouraged us to come up with our own ideas; they made sure that we interacted in class to get the best out of them. They taught us to be very precise when work in a professional arena; they taught us how to handle critical scenarios; they taught us how to become a leader, how to deliver the best job with less resources. In short, their lessons made me a better worker and a better person.

At last, I would like to convey my thanks to all UoNA family members for everything they have done to make sure that there is a good environment for me to acquire my desired knowledge. UoNA is where I started to dream big about my career and it is where I have learned how to turn those dreams into reality.