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Nathaniel Ashon, Class of 2012 


Nathaniel earned a Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of North America in September 2012. 

With UoNA’s applied learning program, he is getting practical training at Micron Technology as a Process Control Owner and is responsible for the maintenance and implementation of critical process control functions. He is a certified Project Manager (PMP) with over 7 years of expertise in operations and project management.

Before coming to the US, he served as the Operations Manager for The Nielsen Company in Ghana, where he successfully planned, managed and delivered 3 national census projects on retail trade outlets, resulting in the formation of the first national panel for retail audit.

Graduation Speech by Nathaniel Ashon

Members of faculty, members of administration, invited guests, parents and fellow students:

I am highly honored to deliver this speech in commemoration of the graduation of the class of 2012. I say to all students who are graduating today, congratulations for the hard work and academic achievement!

I would like to thank all parents, guardians, family members, and friends who have supported us during our period of studies at the University of North America. Without your support and encouragement, we would not have gone this far. My sincere thanks also go to the Chancellor, faculty, and staff of the university, for their service and dedication to all students.

As you all know, the University of North America was founded in 2009 to provide students with higher education based on integrating academic theory with practical industry experience. The applied learning program has offered most students the opportunity to apply knowledge received in the classroom to solving problems and tasks at their respective places of work. I have been a beneficiary of such a program that has given me the opportunity to acquire industry experience and to develop a career path in life.

Personally, my dream of becoming an IT specialist materialized when I enrolled in the Master of Science in Information Technology Program. The knowledge acquired and diploma to be received today leaves no doubt in my mind that the door to a great future career has just been opened, and so should be the feeling of all students graduating today.

It must be acknowledged that graduation did not come without challenges and difficulties. Some of us had to cope with tight schedules at our workplaces and attending classes over the weekend. Some also had to travel from far and wide on weekends in order to make it on time for lectures. I can relate to the numerous times when I had to make a choice between attending classes on Saturdays and joining my friends for picnics. The lessons learnt are that nothing comes easy in life, but with discipline, hard work and perseverance, one is guaranteed of success and a bright future. Failure and disappointment are just norms of life that would be inevitable as we travel on the journey to building a successful career. Do not be afraid of failure or disappointment, what matters most is not the number of times that you fail, but how you bounce back after every failure.

I will therefore urge my fellow colleagues graduating today to be strong and hard working as they pursue their dreams and careers. Use the knowledge and skills you have acquired in developing yourself, take a big step in discovering the best qualities that you have to offer and most of all make a positive impact on society. The alumni of any institution of higher education, is key to its survival and success. I encourage you all to keep in touch with each other, network and promote the image of the University. Hopefully, we will meet here again in future to celebrate anniversaries upon anniversaries. Once again congratulations and thank you all.